Sandy & the NYC Marathon

I want to send prayers to everyone affected by Sandy. We have been following the storm closely since I am scheduled to fly to New York on Friday to run the marathon on Sunday. At this point we are still planning on going, just not sure we can get there and certainly not sure what state the city will be in and whether the marathon will even take place.

Normally I’m a bit anxious the week leading up to a marathon, checking weather reports for race day and going over the course maps. However, I feel a weird calm this week, perhaps because this is all completely out of my control and whatever will be will be.  I certainly hope that my family and I still get to go to New York, we have been looking forward to this trip and all the fun things we want to do there.  And I hope that come Sunday morning I will be lining up on Staten Island getting ready to tackle the uphill start of the  marathon on the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge.  But if this doesn’t happen, it will not be the end of the world.  There are millions of people waking up this morning looking out there windows at devastation, I cannot even imagine what that must feel like.
My thoughts and prayers are with those of you on the East Coast affected by this severe storm.


SpiBelt Winner

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Has anyone seen the weather report?  There is a tropical storm that is expected to hit the East Coast next week and dump 8 inches of rain on New York City!  I hope it leaves quickly and dries out before the marathon.

This NOAA satellite image shows Hurricane Sandy over

Have you ever run a race in the rain or other bad weather?

12 Days to NYC

A year ago I watched the New York City Marathon on TV.  I also read some posts from other bloggers that were running it.  I was overcome with how cool this race looked and how amazing everyone that ran it said it was.  Instantly I started looking into when registration was opening up for the 2012 race.  I saw that there was a lottery to get in and that with tens of thousands of people more than the race takes applying for the lottery, the odds are not in your favor.

Then I saw that you could get a “guaranteed entry” by running a qualifying time in a marathon or half marathon.  At that point last year, I had just come off a disappointing marathon in St. George, so I certainly did not have a fast enough time for entry.  And, seeing as it was already November, I only had another month or so to get a qualifying race in.  My wheels started spinning and my partner in crime, Sherri, agreed to run the Tucson Half Marathon with me.  I had run this race in 2010 and it is a super fast downhill course, so the chances of hitting my guaranteed entry time (1:44) were good.  I ran a 1:39 that day and as soon as registration for NYC opened up in January, I applied and got a spot!  (FYI, the times for guaranteed entry have changed for the 2013 race and beyond and are much tougher now.  Click here if you are interested in seeing what the times are for 2013.)

To make a long story not any longer, this race that has been a year in the making for me is now just 12 days away!

These pictures give me chills.  It is hard to even imagine running the streets of New York City with 47,000 other people.  I’m so grateful to have this opportunity to check off one of my bucket list items.

Have you run NYC or want to in the future?  Anyone been to NYC and can offer up some advice on what we must see and do while we are there?

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SPIbelt Giveaway

I have been planning out what to wear and take to the NYC marathon (throw away clothes for the start, something to keep me warm, ipod or no ipod, etc.).  I realized that I want to have my iPhone with me so I could 1. Have something to do while waiting in the athletes village before the race, 2. Be able to take pictures, and 3. Contact my family after the race (I doubt we will be able to find each other amidst 47,000 runners!). So I contemplated how I was going to conveniently carry my phone. I have an armband thing that I sometimes use. But it’s not easy to take the phone out and get it back in, so if I want to take any pictures during the race this would be a problem.

You can see my iPhone armband here as I was running the Hot Chocolate 15k

I’ve seen some belt type packs but never tried them because I hate things bouncing around on my waist while running. That is until I tried the SPIbelt.
This little waist pack is deceiving because it is small, yet can hold a ton.  I carried my iPhone, keys and a gel pack on one of my 20 mile runs recently to test it out.  I was pleasantly surprised by the SPIbelt, both in how much it held and how it didn’t move or bounce around at all.

I love the blue color!

A few days after my 20 miler, the kids and I walked to the grocery store which is about a mile from our house.  I didn’t want to have to carry my purse or wallet, and I needed my hands free to hold the leash since we were also taking this guy along:

The 1 year old pup, Maverick

I saw the SPIbelt in my closet and grabbed it, put some money, credit card, and my iPhone in and zipped it up and we were off for our walk and the store.  It worked out great, and I love how I don’t feel it on my waist, I forget it’s even there.  Even if you are not a runner, you may still find this belt useful for walks or hiking, etc.
The SPIbelt will definitely be accompanying me to the marathon in 2 weeks!  Thank you to SPIbelt for letting me try this out.  Go check out their website, they have many other great products too.  And thanks to SPIbelt, one of you will get to see how great the SPIbelt is because they are letting me give one away!
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Time Flies

My son turned 10 this week.  Just like everyone says, cherish the time with your kids because it goes by so quickly.  I really cannot believe ten years have sped by so fast.  I am blessed with 2 amazing children and am so grateful for the time with them.  I want to embrace these years that they are still in the house with us, because I know in the blink of an eye they will be off on their own.

My 10 year old on top of the world!

We took Greyson for a hike after school on his birthday.  Technically it was more climbing and playing on rocks than a hike, but what kid doesn’t like scaling massive boulders?

My 3 boys

I was able to take the afternoon off work and enjoy the great weather that we have been having in Albuquerque.  The mornings have the chill of Fall and I get to run in my favorite running attire (shorts and a long sleeve shirt) and the afternoons are nice and warm.  I have a feeling I am going to be in for a rude awakening in 2 weeks when we head to New York for the marathon!

Me and my birthday boy

How is the weather where you live?  Has anyone been to New York in the Fall?  What kind of weather should we expect?

Check back next week for a review and giveaway of something I have been wanting to try for a while and is going to come in handy on my trip to NY.