Marathon Monday – Back to running

Next week I hope to get back to a more regular Marathon Monday recap of training, but this past week I was still in recover-from-injury mode.  The good news is that I ran 4 times for a total of 30 miles.  The other good news is that my calves are doing alright…not great, but not as bad as they were, so I’ll take it.  I think they are getting better slowly, but we are moving in the right direction.

I met with my sports doctor early in the week and asked him if I should just take another week completely off with no running (of course, I didn’t want to do this, but my frustration level at not getting better was high).  He said that he didn’t think that would entirely cure the tightness and knots in my calves and that I could take a week or more off and still be in the same spot I was in.  If I didn’t have a marathon coming up in just 7 weeks, taking more time off would most likely be the prudent thing to do, however, he actually told me to resume training (cautiously).  I knew I liked this guy!  The other change we made is that I took a step back from all the foam rolling and intense myofascial work that I was doing.  I was thinking that the more I got deep into my muscles, I could massage the knots away…turned out I may have been aggrivating my legs more than helping them.  Too much of a good thing can be bad!  Miss Zippy mentioned this exact same thing in the comments last week, and she was right on!

On the news this weekend I heard about a 101 year old man that started running marathons at the age of 89 and just completed his 9th marathon race.  I loved what he said about running: “It’s because of the happiness I get out of it. If something makes you happy, you’ll do it well.”  How inspiring is that?!  It doesn’t have to be running marathons (for me and this man it is), but whatever in life brings you happiness, you should pursue it.

happinessWhat are you passionate about and makes you happy?   While I love running and it does make me happy, there are many other things I am blessed with in my life that make me happy…God, my family, my friends and my pup, Maverick, just to name a few.

Snow Fun

I have been able to run a couple of times this week and am feeling cautiously optimistic.  While I wanted to run again this morning, my calves were a little sore and tight, so I knew I had to restrain myself and not do anything to set me back with the healing yet again.  So instead, I slept a little later and then the hubby and I took Maverick for a walk on the golf course near our house that was still covered in snow from this week’s storm.  Yes, we do occasionally get snow here in Albuquerque!

Maverick is as happy as I am when I get to run!

Maverick is as happy as I am when I get to run!

me and mav

A friend gave me the Runners World daily desk calendar for Christmas and this was yesterday’s tip.  It is super timely for me right now as I am working to comeback from this calf issue and will need to exercise restraint when I want to do too much too soon (like wanting to run again this morning).

runners world tipAny tips for returning to running safely after injury?  Do you have snow on the ground like a huge portion of the country?

Setbacks and Stares

The past week had some ups and downs.  I had started running again after the calf injury and thought things were going well, but part way through the week my left calf started feeling slightly worse.  It has a massive knot in it that is very tender to the touch.  I have been continuing with the ART treatment and my doctor said to foam roll every day in addition to the other exercises he has given me.  By the middle of the week it was not getting any better, so I did the hard, but smart thing and once again stopped running.  It doesn’t hurt when I run, yet I can just feel the solid knot in there, and I don’t want to make things any worse.  So I have taken some more time off.

One of the things that my doctor has done to help my calves is using Kinesio Tape on them.  I do think this help, although for those that have not been exposed to it yet, it looks a little funny.  I have gotten many stares from people at the gym and it is a great conversation starter.  You may have seen some athletes taped up in the summer Olympics, but if you haven’t heard about it, here is some information about the benefits of taping. photoToday marks 8 weeks until the Boston Marathon.   It’s unknown at this point what will transpire in the next 2 months, but I will remain hopeful for now.  I am doing my best not to worry, and trying to keep perspective, after all this isn’t life and death, it is just running, right?

Philipians 4


Marathon Monday – Starting to Run Again

After 8 days of not running a single step, I have been able to start slowly running again after my calf injury.  I am so happy to get back to running this week, although I am taking it very easy, with a slow pace and on soft surfaces, when possible, and stopping to stretch if the calves start acting up.

Weekly Mileage – 28

Monday – 40 minutes on the elliptical followed by 1.5 miles on the treadmill.  My first bit of running, and I definitely wanted to go farther, but stopped myself while the calves still felt good.

Tuesday – I took the day off, I was not feeling great and the calves were a little sore.  I had another appointment with my doctor that does something similar to ART on my calves.  It definitely seems like this is helping, in addition to the foam rolling, stretching and exercises that he has me working on.

Wednesday – 5 miles.  My doctor said I could up the miles a bit, yay!  I had a little calf soreness, so stopped to walked half way through this run, but that seemed to help and I was able to finish with 5 miles.  5 is a long way from the 26.2 that I will hopefully be running in Boston in 9 weeks, but I am grateful that I was even able to run 5.

Thursday – Since I was not too sore after the 5 miles on Wednesday, I upped it to 6, and all felt good.

Friday – Took the day off as my calves were a little sore and I really wanted to run on Saturday, so I thought it was best to rest.

Saturday – The return of the injured running buddies!  This is the first day that my friend, Sherri, and I have been able to run together in 2 months since she had a stress fracture and then I hurt my calves.  I did a 1.5 mile warm up and then we did an easy 5.5 together, chatting the entire time!

Sunday – 8.5 miles.  I’m feeling a bit of pressure to get the mileage back up to marathon training, but know that I also need to be really careful to return healthy and not do further damage.  I was feeling a knot in my left calf during this run and after, so I’m giving it some extra special massage treatment and I’m seeing my doctor again on Monday, so hopefully he can get in there and get this knot taken care of.

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What I am doing right now is praying to “hang in there”, not worry about this little bump in the road of marathon training, and keep working to heal my legs so that my dream of running the Boston Marathon in April will hopefully come to fruition.

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How have you handled coming back from injury?  Any tips for “hanging in there”?