Merry Christmas

A quick hello to everyone.  I’m sure you have all been crazy busy the last few weeks, as have I.  ‘Tis the season, right?  In the midst of the hectic holiday season, I had to take a day off to go sit at the Neurology Clinic all day.  I haven’t talked much about my course of treatment for MS, but I have been participating in a clinical trial for the past year and a half.  This requires that I go in for an IV infusion of the trial medication (or placebo) every 6 months.  It takes about 8-9 hours total with all the blood and neurological tests, plus the slow-drip IV time.  In addition to this I also do injections 3 times a week of an existing MS medication (or placebo).


This day usually tires me out for the rest of week, but with work, children’s activities, Christmas shopping, there wasn’t much time to slow down and recuperate.  As I’m learning with this disease, sometimes I just have to suck it up and push ahead, because life goes on whether I’m feeling up to it or not.  So, I’m very much looking forward to Christmas and New Year’s with a few extra days off from work and lots of time with my family.  I can’t wait!

Wishing you a blessed Christmas.  See you in 2014!



2013 Running Highlights

One of my blogging friends, Miss Zippy, recently posted about some of the memorable running highlights of her year and has invited others to join in.  It is a fun way to look back at the year and share with others about the experiences you have had.  Here is my recap of 2013:

  • Best race experience? I am going to change this category to “Most Memorable Race Experience” because I feel that is a better a description of what the 2013 Boston Marathon was to me.  You can read more about my experience in Boston here, but to sum it up, running my first Boston Marathon was one of the most amazing times of my life – the days leading up to it being surrounded with the energy all over town, the bus ride to Hopkinton with friends, the 26.2 miles of happiness and encouragement.  It was simply magical for me.  Then minutes later the magic ended when two explosions went off a few hundred yards behind me shortly after I had finished my race.  My heart still hurts for the families that lost loved ones and the many people that were injured and live with the daily reminder of such cruelty.  While there is much sadness that surrounds my memories of Boston due to what happened, I will not let that tarnish the joy that I also experienced prior to the bombs that day.
  • Best run? I have been blessed to have had many amazing runs this year, but the one that stands out most to me is the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco.  I ran this race with my friend, Sherri, just for fun, and it was a blast.  It was nice to run a race with no time pressure and be able to take in everything happening around us throughout the race.  The trip to S.F. with my husband and tons of friends was also a blast!
  • Best new piece of gear?  I got a new Garmin running watch when my other one gave out.  I’m pretty addicted to keeping track of my stats, and this watch makes it easy to do that!
  • Best piece of running advice you received? I’m not sure if I have a great answer for this question.  I’ll have to say that listening to your body and knowing when to take a break is probably the best advice I have received, although I’m still working on putting that advice into action!
  • Most inspirational runner?  There are 2 people that jumped into my mind, both of whom just started running this year.  My sister, Lori, has seen me run for years, and has cheered me on at a number of races (including my most memorable, the Boston Marathon), but never had any desire to join me.  She took me by surprise earlier this year when she told me she had started running and went on and completed her first 5k race!  Next is a friend, K.K., who also picked up running this year and in just months went from nothing to completing the Nike Women’s Half Marathon!  I am inspired by these ladies, along with everyone else that is new to running or exercise of any kind, and decides to take on the challenge and begin to reap the benefits of moving their body.
  • If you could sum up your year in a couple of words, what would they be?  Blessed to be able to continue to move my body and embrace this gift that so many others do not have.

Pick 1 or 2 (or all 6) of these and share in the comments about your 2013 Running Highlights!


Snowy Run

I woke up this morning to a light layer of snow on the ground and it was still coming down.  I looked at the weather on my iPhone and saw it was 34 degrees and decided to put on my running shoes and head outside.  I took a few steps out to my driveway and felt my feet slip a little and turned around and went back inside.  I’ve been a little a hesitant on some of my runs outside since breaking my hand a few months ago, because I really do not want another incident like that!  I was disappointed because I just wanted to get my run done, so I went to change clothes and was going to head to the gym to get on a treadmill, but as I was standing in my closet, I got a little mad and really didn’t want to go to the gym.  I complain in the summer when it gets too hot for me to run causing my MS symptoms flare up, I should be embracing this cold weather!

So, I decided to suck it up, put on my trail running shoes for extra traction and went back outside.  Since the temperature wasn’t at freezing yet, I was hopeful that the roads would not be too slick and, if they were, I told myself I would just walk and not risk slipping and falling.

This ended up to be the best decision I have made in a long time.  I thoroughly enjoyed my run.  I slowed my pace significantly and took it really easy in areas where I couldn’t see the ground due to the snow.  Once I got to the running path near my house I felt much better because the snow had not accumulated much on the paved path and there were even a few other crazy walkers and runners out there with me.

snow run path

The snow continued to come down, at points so thick my eyes were getting pelted and it was hard to see.  But there was a quiet calmness out on the path.  It was a great feeling to be out there running through this beautiful weather.  And, thankfully, I didn’t fall!

snow run

Tell me in the comments, have you ever run in the snow?  Or any other memorable crazy weather outings you have had.