Upcoming Marathons

As I mentioned in this post, I cannot completely turn my back on my first love (the marathon) this year.  So despite having 2 BIG triathlon races coming up in 2014, I will be running 2 marathons this spring.  First, I’ll be running the Phoenix Marathon this Saturday, March 1, followed by the Boston Marathon on my birthday, April 21st!

I was scheduled to run the Phoenix Marathon last year, but dropped out after injuring my calf.  The race was wonderful enough to defer my entry and after I had such a great race at the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon last month, I really wanted to head back to Phoenix and run this marathon.  I’ve heard good things about it (last year was the first year the marathon was run) and look forward to running there.

7 weeks after that, I’ll be headed back to Boston for the marathon.  I was accepted to run the Boston Marathon through their Athletes with Disabilities program.  I feel immensely blessed and at peace that I will be able to return to Boston in 2014 and take part in what will be a historic event.  After experiencing what took place last year, I am overwhelmed at the thought of being back in this great city with my sister, to pay tribute to all those affected by the April 15, 2013 bombings.

The Phoenix Marathon this Saturday will be my 10th marathon, and my 6th marathon since my MS diagnosis.  I have to pinch myself that I am actually still able to participate in these types of endurance sports.  It was hard to imagine this after receiving my diagnosis 2 years ago.  I really had no idea if I would still be able to run, or for that matter, continue to run marathons.  As long as God gives me the ability, I will keep on persevering.

“but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength.  They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.”  Isaiah 40:31

2014 Race Schedule

Yep, it’s mid-way through February and I’m just now posting my 2014 Race Schedule.  I’ve already got one race under my belt so far, and it was a great one, so I’m hoping that has set the tone for the races for the rest of the year.  Wouldn’t that be nice?!

After I ran faster than I expected at the Phoenix Rock 'n' Roll half marathon

I surprised myself by running faster than I expected at the Phoenix Rock ‘n’ Roll half marathon

I am switching things up a little this year and will be jumping into the world of triathlon.  I did an Olympic distance tri in the summer of 2012 and a sprint the year before that.  I enjoyed them both, but had not felt entirely bitten by the bug enough to put my marathon running to the side in order to wholeheartedly do more triathlons.  That is until now.  After being selected by Klean Athlete as their Klean Oath winner, I decided to take the leap and sign up for my first Ironman in November.

Morning of the Cochiti Lake Olympic Triathlon, July 2012

Morning of the Cochiti Lake Olympic Triathlon, July 2012

Some of you may be wondering if that is a smart decision seeing as 1.) I have not even done a triathlon in the past year and a half and 2.) The longest tri I have done was an Olympic distance.  I certainly questioned myself about this too.  However, I like to be challenged and do things that might not seem to be the most logical progression.  As I’ve said before, I’d rather run a marathon than a 10k or half marathon any day, so why not go for the biggie and shoot for the 140.6 mile triathlon?

Don’t worry, I am going to do a Half Ironman leading up to IM Arizona.  I am registered for the Boulder 70.3 Ironman in June.  I’m excited to do this race and “get my feet wet” in the long distance tri world.  (Hopefully I won’t be regretting my decision to sign up for a full Ironman during or after this race!)

Those are the 2 triathlon races that are on my schedule.  But let’s be real, I cannot completely leave my marathon love on the sidelines all year, so there will be a few races coming up in the next 2 months.  More about those in a future post, but here’s a hint at one of them:  it is on my birthday and I can’t think of anywhere else I would want to be that day.

How is your 2014 Race Schedule looking?  Leave a comment telling us some of your upcoming races.  Or tell us where will you be spending your birthday this year?



Tommie Copper Product Review

A few years ago I heard of the company Tommie Copper.  I had seen Montel Williams promoting the company on a commercial and since he lives with MS it caught my attention.  It sounded like the products may have helped with some of his MS symptoms.  Fast forward to about a month ago and I was on the elliptical at the gym instead of outside running because my calf was hurting.  I had done some speedwork the day before and it seemed to have irritated my calf, and after having full blown calf issues last year while training for the Boston Marathon, I did not want to go through that again.  So I decided to do some cross training until my calf felt better and not keep running on it and ultimate make it worse, like I did last year.

While I was on the elliptical scanning through TV channels, I saw Dara Torres and stopped to watch because I admire her and all that she has accomplished.  Turns out it was an infomercial for Tommie Copper.  I normally don’t watch infomercials, but seeing as it was Dara Torres, I was slightly interested in what she had to say.  Well, as all good infomercials do, it left me wanting to try the Tommie Copper products for my occasional calf issues and running related soreness, and if it could help with some of my MS tingling and numbness, even better.  I contacted the company and they offered to send me some products to try out.

This is what their website states about how their product works:



High density activated copper is permanently infused into all performance yarns. The proprietary PRO+IONIC copper fabric releases ions, which may help reduce the oxidants in the body and is a natural, permanent anti-bacterial agent with skin benefits.

Some benefits of copper are:

  • Increases oxygen transport in compression products
  • Neutralizes “free radicals”
  • Improves muscle tone
  • Emits ions
  • Has been used in medicine for thousands of years
  • Is one of the necessary micro-nutrients found naturally in the body

womens-calf_blackI received the Women’s Capri Pants and a pair of the calf sleeves to try out.  What I noticed the most about the calf sleeves was how different they feel from compression type calf sleeves that I have worn.  The Tommie Copper sleeves are very light weight and the fabric has a silky feel to it.  I didn’t think they were going to do anything at all because they do not fit snug like compression sleeves.  However, I gave them a try and began wearing them around the clock (under pants at work during the day, while running, and even while sleeping).  Though I cannot say for sure if they work, I did notice that my calf pain went away quickly and a few weeks later I ran the Rock ‘n’ Roll Half Marathon with no pain at all.  I put the sleeves on after the race for recovery and wore them the next few days and I do think they helped my legs bounce back a little faster.

Resting my legs with Tommie Copper sleeves on the drive home from the Phoenix Half Marathon

Resting my legs with Tommie Copper sleeves on the drive home from the Phoenix Half Marathon

The capris are also a light weight material with a snug fit.  They have been great to run in and I’ve worn them to yoga.  I have also thrown them on after some long runs to help aid in recovery.  I’m not sure if it’s the “copper-infused” material that helps or simply the compression fit, but I do feel that these have helped in keeping my legs feeling fresh after long runs.  I seem to have had less soreness lately.


I cannot say with 100% certainty that these products work as the website claims, however, I can say that I have been very happy with them.  So happy in fact that I purchased a few other items because I do think they help to a certain degree.

Have you heard of Tommie Copper before?  Or tried any of their products?

Anyone else love Dara Torres as much as I do?


(Disclaimer:  I was given the capris and calf sleeves for free from Tommie Copper.  I did not receive payment for this review or agree to write a positive review.  All opinions are my own.)