Good Luck Buffalo Springs Ironman 70.3 Racers

While I have been enjoying the last 2 weeks of recovery since my race, my husband has been getting ready for his Half Ironman this Sunday in Lubbock, Texas.  He and some of our friends will be racing the Buffalo Springs Half Ironman, while the wives will be out there to cheer them on.

My hubby (on the left) and friends at the 2011 Boulder Half Ironman

My hubby (on the left) and friends at the 2011 Boulder Half Ironman

This great crew of men that my hubby does triathlon with will all be racing together again in Lubbock this weekend.  The 2011 Boulder Half Ironman pictured above was my hubby’s first 70.3 race.  I’m super proud of all of them for continuing to stay healthy and pursue their passion of racing over the past few years.  They even went as far as doing their first Ironman race all together last year!  They are amazing role models for our families to have (not only are they great triathletes, but more importantly, they are great Christian leaders of their families).  We are blessed to have them in our lives.

While the guys will be out there working hard through the 70.3 miles in front of them, I get to cheer them on with some awesome friends by my side!  Should be a fun weekend!

Running in Coeur d'Alene last year while there for our hubbies to race the Ironman

Running in Coeur d’Alene last year while there to cheer our hubbies on in the Ironman


Ironman Boulder 70.3 Race Recap

For those of you that read my brief “I Finished” post, you know that I successfully completed my goals of one, finishing the race, and two, having fun.  And I did it all faster than I dreamed possible, 5:42:08.


Thanks to my sister for most of the pictures here!

The day started with a beautiful sunrise over the Boulder Reservoir.  We got to the race around 5:30am and made our way to transition where I set up my bike and run gear (we had checked our bikes in the day before, so didn’t have to deal with that this morning which was nice).  Having never done a half Ironman, and my only Olympic distance triathlon being 2 years ago, I was a little nervous and uncertain about how to set up my transition area.  Unfortunately, my husband was not allowed into transition to help me, so I looked at how everyone around me had set their area up and just figured it out.

Setting up my area.  I'm the one with the bath towel wrapped around my was cold!

Setting up my area. I’m the one with the bath towel wrapped around my legs…it was cold!

Next up was “body marking” where you get your race number written on you and also your age on your calf.  I was blessed to have a friend of mine who was volunteering do my body marking.  Jane is a super experienced triathlete, and she and her husband were volunteering, and later in the day they were some of my best cheerleaders out on the run course.

IMG_7363The transition area closed at 6:30, so we made our way toward the swim start.  I still had an hour and twenty five minutes before my wave started, so I tried to relax as much as possible, enjoy the rising sun, and take it all in.

Friends: Brian, me, Ryan, and Mike that were also racing and all did fabulous!

Friends: Brian, me, Ryan, and Mike that were also racing and all did fabulous!

My awesome husband who sacrificed his Father's Day to support me.

My awesome husband who sacrificed his Father’s Day to support me.

Finally the time had come to get started.  My sweet son walked me to the beach where the swim start was and gave me some last minute pointers, as he is a much better swimmer than I am!

My "swim coach" walking me to the start.

My “swim coach” walking me to the start.

I did a short warm up in the water and then watched the swim waves that started before me.  Eventually it was time for me to go line up, and then my wave got in the water where we waited for our start.  I lined up toward the front of the middle of the pack of women and close to the inside buoys.  I was excited to just get swimming after all the hype of getting ready and waiting all morning.

The swim starts near the blue arch in the distance and finished through the white arch.

The swim starts near the blue arch in the distance and finished through the white arch.

I was happy with how my swim went.  Sure I was kicked and swum on top of a couple times, but I was expecting that after things I’ve heard from other triathletes.  It was a little unnerving trying to be cautious of people in front of and around me because I really didn’t want to get kicked in my face.  I know it cost me some time by looking up more often to prevent a blow, but I made it out of the water without a serious hit to the face or body, so I was happy with that.  And I was happy to look down and see my time as I got out of the water.  Better than I expected!

Swim Time:  38:23

Next up was running up a little hill to the transition area.  As I shuffled up there I took the top part of my wetsuit off and since I usually have a hard time getting it off my legs and feet I sat down and pulled it off.  I was a little wobbly in the head from going from the horizontal swim to vertical run up to transition, so sitting down to get my suit off helped and was worth any extra time.  I dried my feet as much as possible, put on my cycling shoes, sunglasses, and helmet, grabbed my bike and headed out.

Transition 1:  3:17

I was still a little wobbly feeling, and was worried about hopping on the bike, so I got to the bike mount line and went to the side and slowly got on and started peddling and off I went.  It took me a few minutes to get settled in, but I was so happy to be on the bike and excited for the next few hours of riding.  The race course was one loop and covered some rural farmland areas on the outskirts of Boulder.  Throughout the ride I would remind myself to look around and take in the beauty of where I was.  Not having done this distance of a race before (and not even having done a training ride this long), I wasn’t sure how I would hold up, so I just tried to peddle consistently and not go too hard.  I stayed on top of my nutrition and hydration because I knew that would be super important as the day went on and temperatures rose.  I was having some issues with my watch, so I had no idea how fast I was going, and honestly didn’t really care, I just kept telling myself to ride within myself and not get carried away.  With so many hours on the bike there is a lot of time to think, and I spent much of that time feeling blessed to be out there doing this and thinking of two of my friends, Sherri and Jane, that were supposed to be doing the race, but were not able to for health reasons.  These 2 girls have no idea how much their spirit and prayers powered me through my entire day.  Whenever I would start feeling tired or that this was hard, I just thought of them and boom, I would be fine.  They were my secret weapon!

Bike Split:  2:56:15

Part of me was ready to get off the bike and another part thought “wow that went fast”!  But, overall, I was super excited to get to my favorite part…the run!  I racked my bike, was surprised that no other bikes were right by me (meaning the other women in my age group that were set up in my direct area were still out biking), took my helmet and shoes off, put on socks and running shoes, race belt, cooling shrug (best product ever, I’ll talk about this in a future post), grabbed my nutrition and took off for the run.

Transition 2:  2:18

I got to see my family as I was on my way out to the run course and took time to get a couple kisses in, and then heard one of my kids say I was a mess.  Yes, after swimming and biking, I guess I was covered in sweat, maybe some dirt, and probably had some sticky sports drink on my face.  Leave it to family to keep you grounded!

My daughter and son cheering me on, or telling me I stink, not sure which!

My daughter and son cheering me on, or telling me I stink, not sure which!

The run was 2 loops around the Boulder Reservoir.  I took it easy and walked through every aid station to get water and most importantly poor water on my head, shoulders, arms (which kept me cool thanks to the shrug I was wearing).  I kept thinking that I would hit the wall at some point, so I didn’t want to go out too aggressively on the run.  I was passing people and was able to keep a fairly consistent pace around 9-9:30 per mile including my walks through the aid stations every mile.  During the second loop the wind picked up and as I was crossing the back section of the reservoir it got so strong, I had to lean sideways into the wind to not get blown off the ditch bank.  I ran with a guy for a few minutes who said the wind was his punishment for not finishing earlier!  Thankfully I was only a few miles from finishing at this point, and was able to keep at it and finish strong, with even enough for a little sprint through the finish line!

Run Split:  2:01:55

Sure, that’s my slowest half marathon time ever, but I’ve also never run a half marathon after swimming 1.2 miles and biking 56 miles, so I’ll take it!  Could I have gone faster?  Maybe, but I’m super happy with my overall performance and I look forward to trying another 70.3 in the future, but that will have to be next year, after all, my next race is the BIG ONE…Ironman Arizona this November.


My "Klean Athlete" supporters, my sister and kids after the race

My “Klean Athlete” supporters, my sister and kids after the race

Thank you again, to all my friends and family that were both there in person supporting me and those that weren’t able to be there, but supported me in prayer and phone calls and messages.  And thank you to Klean Athlete for believing in me and my journey and selecting me as your Klean Oath winner. You have given me the spark and courage to pursue these fun new dreams this year (along with the nutritional tools to help me succeed!).  I am one blessed person to have this kind of support.


I Finished!

Just a quick post to say I finished my first half Ironman yesterday and it went great. I surprised myself by finishing in 5:42, beyond anything I really thought possibly. I’ll be back later this week with a recap of the race, for now it’s time to celebrate, drive home, and let the recovery begin.

Thank you to my family and friends that were an amazing support crew and thank you to everyone else that was praying for me and sending me uplifting messages. This was an incredible help while I was out on the course.  And a special shout out to Larry, a fellow MS-er who lives in Colorado, I’m pretty sure I saw him around mile 40 on the bike course, but by the time I realized it I had already passed him. If that was you, Larry, in your MS Bike jersey, thank you so much. You helped power me on those last 16 miles!

Goals for Boulder Ironman 70.3

The day is almost here when I tackle my first half Ironman.  This Sunday I will be racing the Boulder Ironman 70.3.  For those of you not familiar with triathlon distances, the 70.3 or half Ironman race consists of a 1.2 mile swim, 56 mile bike, and 13.1 mile run.  Whew, I think I’m tired already!

I was going to write up a post about my goals for the race, but I have reevaluated those goals the past week.  My training has been less than desirable the past month due to this little injury and a few days ago I came down with a nasty head cold.  Having not ever done this distance of a race (shoot, it’s going to take me at least 2 hours longer than running a marathon!), I really have no idea what to expect.  So here are my “big” goals:

  • Finish the race.  This may sound like a no brainer to some of you triathletes out there, and I used to think it would not be a problem for me to “just” finish, but I had a really awful lake swim a couple of weeks ago and it put some doubt into my head.  Unfortunately, I have not been able to get back to the lake for a do-over (the nearest lake is an hour drive away), so I am feeling less than confident about the swim.
  • Have fun.  I really want to enjoy this experience as much as possible.  Nobody is forcing me to do this and my life or career do not depend on this race.  This is supposed to be for fun!  I simply want to focus on how truly blessed I am that I can even toe the line at an event like this.

That’s it.  Pretty simple goals, yet covering 70.3 miles is still a bit of a daunting task.  Yet, it’s a task I am excited to attempt and hopefully complete, all while giving the glory to God.

Wish me luck!  I’ll be posting updates on Twitter and Facebook over the weekend.  Follow me there to see how the race goes.


National Running Day

Today is National Running Day.  Check out the website, for a bunch of wonderful resources and encouragement to get out and run.  Whether you are a longtime runner, or just thinking about starting up, today is a great day to go outside and run.  Fortunately my backside injury is healing and I am going to attempt a run today as well!  Join me!

National Run Day

Leave a comment of where you ran or are planning to run today!