Injection Independence Day

I am celebrating a different kind of Independence Day.  No it’s not the 4th of July, (which by the way was great, my family went camping in Colorado at a gorgeous lake), it is my Injection Independence Day.  For the past 2 years I have been in a clinical trial for a new MS medication.  The trial has consisted of getting an IV Infusion of the trial medication (or placebo) once every 6 months, and giving myself injections of an existing MS medication (or placebo) 3 times a week.  Basically I’ve been on either the trial IV infusion drug or the injection drug the past 2 years, we just don’t know which one.

Getting one of my IV infusions

Getting one of my IV infusions

I recently completed the initial 2 year trial and have been accepted into an open label extension study in which I will receive just the IV infusion of the trial drug every 6 months.  The best part is that I do not have to do the 3 weekly injections anymore.  Hallelujah!

Bye bye needles.  I hope to see you NEVER again!

Bye bye needles. I hope to see you NEVER again!

Now it’s time to rejoice over being done with giving myself the dreaded injections.  (I really do not like needles and this has been a huge accomplishment that I’ve gotten through 2 years of giving myself shots.)  And it’s time to pray that the trial medication, called Ocrelizumab, works well for me and others in helping slow (or ideally stop) the progression of MS.

Hope faith


Glad I Wasn’t Racing

As I mentioned in my last post, I went to Lubbock, Texas this weekend to support my husband and friends in the Buffalo Springs 70.3 Ironman.  While I love cheering my hubby and friends on, often times I would rather be racing then spectating.  However, this weekend was NOT one of those times.  With temperatures over 100 degrees and winds over 20mph, I was happy to be a cheerleader at this race.

Praying before the race

Praying before the race

I had a blast hanging out with the other wives and cheering for everyone.  We made the best of the hot day out together.


After the race, my husband was cooling off in the lake and started talking to a couple in the water next to him.  Turns out it was a fellow MS triathlete.  Jim, was diagnosed in 2010 and has since taken up triathlon.  I had stumbled upon his story when I was first diagnosed a few years ago and we corresponded a bit via email.  I can’t believe I got to meet him and his wife.  They both completed the race, which makes me even more impressed with Jim, knowing how much of a toll the heat takes on those of us with MS.  He is a true Ironman.  I love how God works…out of over a thousand racers at this event and my hubby ends up right next to Jim and Cathy!  Hopefully our paths will cross again, and maybe we will even end up doing the same race together some day.

An inspiration to me, Jim, a fellow triathlete with MS

An inspiration to me, Jim, a fellow triathlete with MS

I am so proud of all the racers.  The tough course combined with the weather conditions was nothing short of brutal.  It took its toll on everyone, and to have all 7 of our guys finish the race was a huge success.  A few bags of IV fluids for some of the gang, a quick pack up of the hotel rooms, a celebratory dinner, and 5 hour drive home wrapped up this fun weekend.

I LOVE this picture!  (Photo credits to Sherri for the great pictures.)

I LOVE this picture! (Photo credits to Sherri for the great pictures.)