2015 MS 150 Mile Bike Ride

This past weekend I rode in the New Mexico Pedal los Pueblos MS 150 mile bike ride.  It was my fourth year of participating in this amazing event.  I was diagnosed with MS in March of 2012 and have rode every year since then to help raise money and awareness for MS.

My husband and I drove up at 5am Saturday morning to Santa Fe where the event started.  About 20 minutes into our drive we got a flat tire on the freeway and had to pull off the road.  I am fortunate to have an incredibly handy hubby who was able to quickly change our truck’s tire and get us back on the road.  We made it to the event just as the first cyclists were starting for the day.  We hurried to get our bikes ready, met up with our friend, Rick, and were quickly on our way.  I knew it was going to be a long day, riding 100 miles is never easy, so I wasn’t stressed that we got a bit of a late start.


We had great weather and the ride was beautiful.  The MS Society does a wonderful job of getting volunteers for aid stations every 10 miles and they provide us with lunch, as well as tons of encouragement along the way.  My favorite rest stop was around mile 80, when it was getting quite hot out, and we pulled up to find fresh ice cold smoothies being made with a blender-bike.  So cool!

IMG_2165A little bit after the smoothie stop my husband got his second flat of the day, this time on his bike!IMG_2167We finally made it through the 100 miles and that night we were treated to dinner and a presentation by the MS Society and got to spend time with friends that also ride every year.  Then it was time for some sleep to get ready for Sunday’s ride.

IMG_2170Sunday we were joined by another friend to ride with us and set off on the 53 mile bike route.  We were treated to another beautiful weather day and it was a great wrap up to the fun weekend.

IMG_2180IMG_2182It is hard to believe this was my fourth year of riding.  I’m blessed to have the health and ability to be able to continue to ride and I do not take that for granted.  I am so thankful to those of you that rode with me, sent me sweet messages, donated, and encouraged me.  It means the world to me.  I will not give up fighting for my health or fighting for a cure MS.


4 thoughts on “2015 MS 150 Mile Bike Ride

  1. Praise God for your health, awesome physical abilities and fitness, faithful and loving friends who ride next to you and and ride with you in spirit! You are my inspiration for many things in life.

  2. So happy you ride every year, we hope to bring the blender bike back next year and we are happy you and many others enjoyed it 😀 I hope we find a cure, I volunteer for my sister and I would like to see ms beat

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